The Celtic festival of Samhain marked the beginning of winter, and was long believed to be a time outside of time when the normal order of the universe was suspended and the barriers between this world and the otherworld were blurred or stripped entirely away. Much of the symbolism of our modern Halloween, witches, goblins, ghosties, ghoulies, Jack O' Lanterns and black cats trace their roots to this ancient festival when it was believed that divine beings and spirits of the dead moved freely among the living. At such a time, due to the relative proximity of the otherworld and the blurring of its borders, an invocation would be most powerful and have the greatest chance at success.

      To that end, Morgen has arranged for a choir and orchestra, modelled after the Morningstone choir and orchestra, to perform the Finale with his group. Instead of the sleeveless gowns and floral headdresses worn by the Morningstone choir for their Sprng festival, Morgen's Halloween choir wears heavier, long-sleeved gowns and their headdresses are made up of colorful autumn leaves. The predominantly male contemporary English orchestra are uniformly dressed in black-tie attire.

      Morgen's "Reprise of The Fool" underscores his time in the makeup trailer, but a segue from it to the last verses of "The Fool" takes us all the way to the end of the song, just before the grande finale. As the "Morningstone (Fate) Theme" is heard, the Orchestra takes position in front of the stage, and before it ends, the Barn Owl arrives above in the lighting grid.

      On this night, of all nights, surely the musical spells of Morningstone will call as mightily as any scribbled pentagram that ever attracted Mephistopheles! Morgen hopes to summon Laura from the otherworld, and once and for all, bind her to him with his music. He has the means, the opportunity and the motive. He loves her.

      The Band is already on stage as the huge curtain at the rear of the stage part, revealing the choir on a tiered platform as Morgen's arrangement of "The Mystery" for choir and orchestra begins. Part way through, Morgen's Band begins to play, drawing the Trashbabies out of the wings to take positions all across the front of the stage, belting out their rock madrigal accompanied by the choir and orchestra, and finally Morgen rises into view, singing the verses meant to summon his love.

      Morgen sings Nature's Song for everyone to hear, but Laura fails to appear. The song ends and the screams of the crowd are deafening, but Morgen takes little comfort from their approbation. High above, in the lighting grid, the Barn Owl peers down, shifting its weight from claw to claw, and down below, Morgen collapses in full view of the crowd, and the cameras.
Travis Edward Pike, 22 August 2021, Otherworld Cottage