There has been much written about the Celtic otherworld and its descriptions through the ages are anything but constant. Its characteristics seem to depend on your guides and the necessities of the otherworld itself. Morningstone is a reflection of The Land of Women, filled with enchanting music, fabulous food, and magical drink. It is a state of mind where carnal and mystical influences are harmonious, not opposing. Morningstone transcends all earthly limits of time and space, co-existing with the human race, always just the other side of the looking glass. Alice followed a rabbit, Morgen, a dog, but both found their worlds turned upside down or rather, inside out.

      The rewards of the mystical journey are many, great and glorious, but not easily attained. In the otherworld, things are seldom what they seem and its dangers and joys increase and diminish in direct proportion to one's intuition. It is a magical realm where ponies may become unicorns and dogs are supernatural guides, a quicksilver world where everything is in a constant state of revelation.

      There are other, less attractive descriptions of otherworld and, no doubt, there are dreary regions, too. But we have visited Morningstone, a unique parcel of metaphysical real estate where Furies challenge you, Muses beguile you, and Fates still weave Man's destiny, a sunny region where death and disease are unknown and love still conquers all.

      Morgen's musical mystery is unique in that he is not victimized or sacrificed by either gods or mortals. He is not, like Orpheus torn to bits by frenzied fans, resentful of his love for the otherworldly Laura. Nor is he sacrificed by or to the gods or slain by some supernatural horror. Although there have been fearful moments in Morgen's adventure, and suspense enough to satisfy most tastes, he escaped unharmed. (His injuries were sustained in the real world, not the otherworld.)

      Morgen is neither sacrifice nor supernatural redeemer. His jounrey is now a matter of record. What happens next is up to you.
Travis Edward Pike, 22 August 2021, Otherworld Cottage