The Angela Knight Knight on the Town TV interview reveals more about Morgen's mental state than he intended. Although he is able to skirt some of the issues raised on the program, a careful study of the interview will reveal that Morgen has taken Fiona's comments to heart.

      Back in this real world, Morgen He not only sees himself as an enchanter, he believes there may be some occult power at work in his songs. He sees the Halloween concert as the work of the Fates, not ordinary coincidence. In fact, he is planning to invoke the Ninefold Muse during the concert! To that end he has woven a musical "spell" that he dares to imagine might result in bringing Laura over into this worldm and although he admits he has no idea what might happen as the result of his spell, he believes he has nothing to lose in the attempt. If it is all nonsense and nothing comes of it, at least it will make one hell of a show! Can this be the same Morgen who once hesitated to free Laura from her shackles?

      Morgan believes he is operating from experience, but "believes" is the key word. His experience was mystical, not "real" in the sense of anything that can be empirically measured. His new songs "brought back from Morningstone" suggest he has found a fresh source of inspiration, but Morgen was a singer-songwriter before his accident. His latest songs are as likely to spring from that same reservoir within himself from whence his earlier works were created. It is certainly as plausible as some otherworldly source. But what was that original source within him, and where did it originate? The world without is not the world within. Perhaps both sources are the same, both within him, and he is simply more aware of that source than ever before.

      In the final analysis, it comes down to faith. Morgan's mystical experience, with a different set of symbols, might be heralded as a religious experience, not only plausible, but a gift and proof of the Grace of God! It is an argument incapable of solution.

      Perhaps Tertullian said it best. That early Christian leader, when questioned by a Greek philosopher about the miraculous life of Christ, answered, "What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?" By this we are given to understand he meant that Reason has nothing to do with Faith and that of the two, the power of Faith was the greater. This same answer may be applied to all of the mysteries. If one believes in something as an article of faith, they will easily fend off any assault Reason or Logic may attempt. And that is equally true if, as an article of faith, one will not consider a fresh concept, a new discovery, or the advances of modern scientific enquiry. And negative, unassailable faith in the the face of new information, could easily be as damaging to human life as any experimental efforts of science. There are obviously forces at work in the world that are commited to opposing points of view, and some so unalterably opposed as to seek the distruction of any and all who do not embrace their dogma. But this is our world, our planet, or home, and doing nothing in the face of threats and horrors is as much an act of will as striving to do something to put a stop to them, or seek a way to survive them.
Travis Edward Pike, 22 August 2021, Otherworld Cottage