Repetition of form is to be expected in magical incantations and is a hallmark of music, architecture and graphical arts.  We hear the challenge presented in the now familiar mystical formula and again, there are at least two meanings to every line.

      Morgen cannot help but notice that the Mastiff holds back, uneasy near the Furies. "What brings you here?" the Furies ask. Morgen almost says "the dog," but doesn't want to get the dog in trouble, so he stalls by asking a question in return. "It all depends, doesn't it?" His answer leaves no question that he is the Muses' champion, the single thread upon which "all depends." That Morgen will correctly answer their challenge is ordained by the Fates, but still the Furies must "fill in" the form.      "That is shrewdly spoken," says the Second Fury and her sisters continue, "Like a riddle spoken. Intended, perhaps, to beguile?" "Beguile?" Morgen asks, "with only the simple magic of song?"

      The Furies glare at him, but still still must speak the magic words. "Simple magic may deceive. It is a dangerous dependency, a thread both short and thin."

      Always, before, this was where the Furies turned their backs on Morgan, but this time they await his answer. "It calls for skill," he says, thrilled to know the correct response!

      "Wheels within wheels," the Furies say as they step aside, revealing the entrance to the cave in the hollow hill. "Tread softly, fool," they warn him. "The world without is not the world within."

      Obviously, the Furies intend for him to enter the cave. The crowd, too, seems hopeful that he will. Still, Morgan hesitates, until the Mastiff skulks past the Furies to lead the way into the cave. With a sigh, Morgen follows.

      Of coures, he does. And of course, the dog must lead the way! The Dog is emblematic of the underworld, the guide to that dark domain! And the Mystery of the Dog isn't over, yet!
Travis Edward Pike, 22 August 2021, Otherworld Cottage