When first the Furies challenged Morgen, they dismissed him as an unlikely hero, but now Morgen has crossed the first threshold, and so they have come to conduct his second "interview," and this time their have their huge and threatening Mastiff with them. We've seen the form before. This time, we will look closer at the substance.

      When the Fury asks "What brings you here?" she may be asking what brought Morgen to Morningstone, or how did he come to be wet, cold and shivvering in the middle of the brook. "As if you didn't know," he replies and the answer he gives may be in reply to either question, which brings waspish responses from the Furies. "That is boldly spoken," they reply. "Like a challenge, spoken. Intended, perhaps, to provoke?"

      Morgen snaps back, "I've reason enough to be provoked, wouldn't you say?" Again, there are two simultaneous conversations going on. In one, Morgen is blaming Laura's provocative behavior for his sorry state, but in the other, he could be saying that the sorry state of the world has brought him to Morningstone, which could be a hero's answer.

      As in the first challenge, the Furies resort to word play, and another important lesson for our would-be hero. "Abandon Reason," the Furies tell him, "Before you is a mystery. A wonder not attained by reason." The Furies and the Mastiff melt away into the darkness, but Morgen, unwilling to accept their pronouncement, shouts after them, "There must be some reason!" Again, the phrase may be interpreted at least two different ways. Morgen may be saying that there must be some reason for what is happening to him, or that there must be some Reason in the world, by which Mankind can understand and order itself.

Travis Edward Pike, 22 August 2021, Otherworld Cottage