In 1991, Pike Productions relocated to Newport, Rhode Island, advertising itself as the Newport Company with the Hollywood Connection. In fact, Jim had two Hollywood connections. Travis, his son in Los Angeles, who assembled the Pike Productions showcase CDs of each year's generic theatrical trailer offerings for the National Association of Theater Owners annual convention, and Jim's youngest son, Adam, who produced more than 50% of the music and effects tracks for those trailers in his recording studio in Pasadena, California, including the music and effects for the Pike Productions curtain raiser at CINEMA EXPO 92, in Brussel's, Belgium.

When my father was preparing to cease operations in 2008, he told me he trusted Robbie Mack to take over his client list and product line, and in 2018, contemplating this tribute to Jim Pike and Pike Productions, I realized I had 24 of the old generic Pike Productions trailers on CD, and decided they would better introduce my father and his company, than I ever could with words alone, so I contacted Robbie Mack at Filmack Studios and told him what I had in mind.
Travis Edward Pike, September, 2021
      Ten years ago, after more than 55 years of providing policy trailers and headers to thousands of screens world-wide, Jim and Connie retired, but they made sure their friends would enjoy excellent and uninterrupted service through
      When Jim Pike's son, Travis, asked me if he could create these tribute pages for his dad, I replied that any reference to his father would be a nice tribute to a great man, and gave him permission to reference or publish any Pike trailer clip. CLICK OUR LOGO ABOVE to learn more about FILMACK, or CALL ME at 1 (800) FILMACK (345 6225).
Robbie Mack, February, 2018