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Who needs special effects? Pike plays the role of the Grumpuss, a big pussycat who has an erroneous reputation as an evil monster. He also plays the knight, the dwarf, and other such characters with all the skill of an Olivier

"Themes of peace, compassion and courage echo through this story, but Pike's telling makes them wonderfully fun yet thought-provoking, and never heavy-handed . . . an outstanding choice for school and public library collections."

THIS REVIEW IS STILL POSTED ONLINE. ONLY THE MEDIA AND LINKS HAVE CHANGED. To paraphrase this authentic old review, "You can buy the DVD and watch as Travis Edward Pike deliver his story to a fairy queen live before a high-brow London audienc, or you can purchase the audio CD package and enjoy the benefit of a few added sound effects. Being a visually oriented person, I preferred the video." Click your back arrow to return to the Grumpuss Legacy Reviews.

The oral storytelling tradition flourishes in Grumpuss...the epic poem itself, which unwinds slowly, engages the wary listener, proving to be touching and suspenseful...easy for all to understand and, at times, downright Dr. Seussian.

This is classic British fantasy at its best. Reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien, Oike's Grumpuss is, by turnsw, poignantly true of both the fopibles and triumphs of humankind__a fitting selection for the World Premiere Benefit Performance for Save the Children. Ultimately, Grum puss is quality family affirming and charming tale, Travisw Edward Pike's performance video is, too, a triumphant success.

"An award-winning audiobook by a California-based storyteller, this clever fairy tale is told entirely in narrative rhyme. The language is rich and the presentation is exhilarating . . ."

It sounds like a cross between "The Reluctant Dragon" and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," with a game of Dungeons and Dragons thrown into the mix. Pike's imaginative narration harkens to a medieval storyteller, which REALLY makes this piece work."

"Pike is an amazing storyteller. His talent is incredibly flexible, giving a unique voice to every character in the story. This is no flat poetry reading: it's audio theater at its best."

"This original narrative poem written and told b y American storyteller Travis Edward Pike is a wonderful story laced with thought-provoking themes. Pike's superb skill as a storyteller elevates the tale to a rare level. The rich language and Pike's voice variations paint vivid pictures in the listener's mind . . . The musical background (composed by Pike) and soundeffects add to the humor, pognancy, and drama. An outstanding choice for school and public library collections."

Fantastic . . . a storyteller's dream suitable for all ages except the very young. Get them if you can or persuade your local library to get copies.

"An interesting, fun, and underappreciated world of fantasy and good, old-fashioned tale-telling in the tradition of some of the forgotten greats of literary history."

"...a rhyming epic-style romance in the spirit of the magical stories told by medieval bards before royal courts. And true to the spirit of that medieval inspiration, Pike performs the entire poem from memory!"