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In 1964, a new band for Teddy, Twistsensation aus USA

(Original Handbill from 1964)
Travis doesn't know what inducements Werner offered, but all the musicians he'd chosen showed up to rehearse with him in a big dance hall in Preetz, Ostholstein. They knew what he could do, but they were ill at ease and distrustful of each other -- and Werner -- until they started to play. By the end of the first song, they all knew they were onto something extraordinary. These were the best of the bunch and Travis couldn't wait to run through the list, just like "The Jesters" had done years ago.
That afternoon, they named themselves "The Five Beats," leaving Teddy, as promised, the "guest star" from the U.S.A. They would have to rehearse without him during the week, but they'd all get together on the following weekend for their first big gig, back at Gasthaus Schröder, Behrensdorf.
There was some trepidation as they prepared. Two popular local bands had been sacrificed to form "The Five Beats" and their debut was scheduled for "The Vampiros" home room. When it was time to go on, Eddy, lead singer of "The Vampiros," sang a song or two. Then Enriko sang a couple. They both sounded fine, but the audience remained subdued. Werner told Teddy to go on. He opened with Ray Charles's "What'd I Say?" and had the band start without him. At the last minute he leaped onto the stage and began to sing, keeping the song going for more than 25 minutes, all the while leaping, dancing, holding out his microphone for the audience responses, and when he finally finished, the applause was deafening. "The Five Beats" debut was nothing short of dynamite.