Imagine over 50 years of romance and high adventure. Travis' career is the envy of many of his peers. Independent scholar, writer, storyteller, singer-songwriter, filmmaker, director of production for Cine-Media International, technical director for Lingo Tech Dubbing Services, president of Otherworld Entertainment Corporation, executive vice-president of the Alameda Writers Group, and Chairman Emeritus of the New Playwrights Foundation, in 2013, Pike formed Otherworld Cottage Industries, added publisher to his catalog, and began making his works available to the public. Click on Pike's photo (left), to follow his career, or click on the images below to discover the wonders that await the intrepid explorer.

1964-1974: A Decade of Odd Tales and Wonders
Paperback: 374 pages, Otherworld Cottage Industries (September 14, 2018)

This book is a more detailed chronicle of my development as a storyteller, singer and songwriter, and my performances in the U.S. and abroad from 1964-1974. It includes all the lyrics to the songs on my albums Odd Tales and Wonders: Stories in Song, Feelin' Better, Rconstructed Coffeehouse Blues, Travis Edward Pike's Tea Party Snack Platter, and Outside the Box, as well as the text to all the rhymes on the Odd Tales and Wonders: Stories in Rhyme CD. The CD albums and all their songs are available as digital downloads at CD Baby, and the book is available in both print and ebook versions at Click on the book cover to view sample pages from the book, or click here for links to listen to these albums and more on Youtube. Or click on the link to go the Odd Tales and Wonders website.

Past present and future, forever intertwined
Morningstone is now a novel titled Changeling's Return. A musical fantasy adventure about Beantown Home Cookin's singer-songwriter whose U.K. May-Eve concert at a ruined abbey foreshadows an otherworldly, out-of-body experience, triggering a profound commitment to the environment and a dramatic change in their music, lyrical content, and its purpose. The novel earned excellent reviews in Ugly Things magazine (U.S.), Shindig! magazine (U.K.). The Midwest Book Review reported it is "a unique literary and musical experience...unreservedly recommended..." Otherworld Cottage Industries has released a downloadable digital version of its 53-minute CD, Changeling's Return, a novel musical concept, featuring all its songs and music. CLICK HERE to audition the complete album on Youtube. The Paperback book and CD are both sold on Amazon, and are also available as digital downloads. To read a synopsis of the book, browse its sample pages, read its reviews, or explore the Changeling Legacy, CLICK HERE.

CHANGELING'S RETURN, a novel approach to the music
won the 2020 eLit Bronze Medal Award for
Given the state of the world today, clearly
the time for Changeling's Return is NOW!


My critically acclaimed 1997 U.K. world premiere performannce of my original epic narrative rhyme, Grumpuss, won a 1999 INTERCOM Silver Plaque Special Achievement Award at the Chicago Film Festival. Click the DVD Cover to view video clips of the production that the Newsletter for the Council of the Literature of the Fantastic, University of Rhode Island reported was "Classic British fantasy at its best. Reminiscent of Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R.Tolkien, Pike's Grumpuss is poignantly true of both the foibles and the triumphs of humankind...quality family entertainment." The DVD is sold on AMAZON and the 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition CD set is available at CD BABY, AMAZON, and both are available at select online and brick & mortar retail outlets worldwide. Click here to visit the Grumpuss website!


UP NEXT: Alone in Celtic myth, alone in the twilight age of heroes, alone in a world of sorcery, romance and high adventure, is "Long-Grin," my saga of the red-backed, scaly, black-bellied, tusked, bat-winged dragon of Arthurian legend. Images from his on-going development are featured in the LUXLIFE Global Entertainment Awards article. To visit the Long-Grin website, click the dragon, and be prepared for wonders.

JAMES A. PIKE, PIKE PRODUCTIONS, INC. Interviewers frequently ask Travis about his father, the independent filmmaker who starred Travis in his 1966 feature film Feelin' Good. Travis knows little of Pike Productions' day-to-day operations after he moved to Los Angeles in 1968, but his father visited annually after previewing his trailers at ShoWest in Las Vegas. Click the photo (right), to view a short tribute to the man whose restored Feelin' Good movie clips are now, half-a-century later, helping to reintroduce Travis to the world at large.

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