In 2013, Travis added publisher to his impressive catalog of professional skills. These pages provide a portal to the comprehensive overview of the career of independent scholar, storyteller, poet, animator, singer, songwriter, author, screenwriter, filmmaker, actor, producer, director, editor, language replacement adapter and dubbing director, former Director of Production for Cine-Media International, former Technical Director for Lingo-Tech Dubbing Services, former President and CEO of Otherworld Entertainment Corporation, former Executive vice-president of the Alameda Writers Group, Chairman Emeritus of the New Playwrights Foundation, entrepreneur and current owner of Otherworld Cottage Industries. Click on the images below to visit those websites where you may read, watch or listen to samples of his works, compare the reality to the legend, and learn more about what wonders he has planned for the 21st Century.

Imagine 50 years of romance and high adventure.  For about that long, I've been doing just that — imagining fabulous tales of romance and high adventure, suspenseful fantasies and odd narrative rhymes to be read, watched, heard, told and sung. Now, as they are completed and published, those books, tales and songs will finally be available to the public. Visit the websites below to learn more about those properties and how you may get your hands on them -- or click on my photo, left, and join me for a mad dash down memory lane (now including an expanded, photo-illustrated, eight page section on FEELIN' GOOD.)

Travis Edward Pike, Otherworld Cottage, April 2013

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Featured links share files across all the websites, allowing you to play my music and spoken word clips, sample text and view the movie trailers and performance videos with ease. Here you'll discover what's available now, what's coming soon, which of the productions belong in your private collection and how to get them.
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Each week, Gary Schneider's Open Mynd Excursion showcases airchecks (radio broadcasts) from 1955 to the 1980’s, collected from all across the U.S.A., UK Pirate radio stations, American Forces Radio (Vietnam, Germany,etc), Canadian and European radio. In this week's special edition, Gary talks with Travis Pike and plays 16 of Travis' original songs, many from the mid-sixties, some brand new, and most heard on the air for the first time!
Three reels of the 1966, widescreen, color, theatrical movie FEELIN' GOOD survived the great Rhode Island flood of 2011. Cleaned and digitized at Deluxe Media in Hollywood, they yielded six restorable music sequences, now posted on Youtube.

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(where we get down to business)

What's new, what's next and where to get it. Plus KUBERNIK'S KORNER, a page dedicated to the latest news about award-winning author, journalist, pop-culture historian, and media personality Harvey Kubernik.
Odd Tales Link

1964-1974: A Decade of Performance

My "Odd Tales and Wonders" is all that title suggests -- a non-fiction chronicle of my development as a storyteller, singer, and songwriter, and my performances in the U.S. and abroad from 1964-1974, available in both print and ebook editions. Click on the photo to go to the website where you may sample pages from the book and listen to audio samples from my several CDs of original narrative rhymes and songs of that period

Mosaic Link
Past present and future, forever intertwined
Changeling’s Return, presents the complete screenplay for the musical adventure of an American rock star, whose out-of-body experience, set in the contemporary Midlands of England, and in the supernatural realm of "Morningstone," triggers a sudden, profound commitment to the environment and a dramatic change in his music, its lyrical content, and its purpose. The book features an 11-page introductory interview of its author by acclaimed music journalist and pop culture historian, Harvey Kubernik, a 46-page section titled His Secrets All Revealed exploring the history, folklore, mythology, and sympathetic magic underlying this musical fantasy adventure, and a selected bibliography. To enhance the reader's experience, Otherworld Cottage has also published Mystical Encounter (Songs from Changeling's Return), an album of songs that you may audition on Youtube. Click the owl to begin your otherworldy adventure.
Grumpuss Link

GRUMPUSS: The 15th Anniversary Audio Theater Edition

My audio performance of this original epic narrative rhyme is now available in a dual CD set! Click the album cover to visit the "Grumpuss" website and view video clips from my award-winning 1997 world premiere performance at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, England. The original 1998 U.S. studio recording, rescued from the archives, has been sweetened and remixed with all the sound effects its audiences have come to love, and the new, dual CD edition is available at CDBABY.COM and many other online and brick & mortar retail outlets worldwide.


Alone in Celtic myth, alone in the twilight age of heroes, alone in a world of sorcery, romance and high adventure, is "Long-Grin," my saga of the red-backed, scaly, black-bellied, tusked, bat-winged dragon of Arthurian legend, whose image today adorns the flag of Wales. To visit the new Long-Grin website, click the dragon, and be prepared for wonders.

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